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The healthier way to see a doctor

Our revolutionary medical platform begins with you:, the patient. We want to establish an easier and better way for treatments using technology. By reducing the pressure on doctors and Emergency Rooms to accommodate patients, we’re bringing the doctors right to your doorstep.

How it works


Request a Doctor

Using the app, input your geographic location, your ailment, and submit. You can peruse categories like Medicine, Pediatric, OBGYN, Mental Health, Dietitian, Rehabilitation, and so forth. A doctor will be paired with you based on your requirements. You will be provided with an estimated arrival time.

Rate Your Doctor

Our app is based on a reviews system so our users can review who they will be working with. You can review your experience, Rate your doctor and send a lovely thanks message to them.

Request Medicine

After meeting with the doctor, you might be in need of some medicine. You can request medicinal drop-offs using the Bleep Med app.

Ask a Doctor

If you have a question about a health problem, or are unsure if you need a doctoral visit, you can converse directly with the doctors registered on our platform.

Health Packages

Invest in your health! We provide health packages that will help you maintain and sustain a top-level healthiness heading into the future.



Our app tracks how many visits you complete, your revenue, and how many appointments have been canceled for you.


Next, peruse patients in need, with an “accepted” or “rejected” label placed next to their name based on if they want to use you or not.


When you arrive at the patient’s location, you must click “start service” as the appointment begins. Once complete, click “end service,” and the appointment is logged in our app.


Next, select your areas of expertise, as well as the “common issues” you are qualified in addressing. This can include Medicine, Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Loss, Back Pain, Smoking or any primary healthconditionsProblems, etc.